About us

The Hackesche Höfe Kino is an independent arthouse cinema with a substantial programme profile.

It was built in the Berlin Mitte area after the wall came down in 1996 and is based on the blueprint of the courtyard with the same name i.e. the Hackesche Höfe.

Today it is a contemporary centre of cinematic art with five cinemas seating 685 people, as well making provision for an expansive foyer lounge. European arthouse cinema and German cinematic art make up the varied programme of this cinema venue, as do German and  international documentary films,independent films from the United States and artistic film creations from around the globe.
Four screenings daily plus a matinee on Sundays will give you the opportunity to see the non-German language films in their original language almost without exception, in most cases with German sub-titles.


Now in its 14th year since its launch, the cinema has remained true to itself despite the developments in the film industry: Given the extent of what is becoming available more and more in the film industry we tend to look for a balance between commercial quality and German or international films, which the industry will increasingly drop for economic reasons. The cinema’s appearance has been reworked completely, which has also led to its 
renaming. We attach great importance to bringing across what is on offer on site, as well as via the internet.

The tool ProgrammePLUS allows us to advise you of any performances, which we are expecting prominent guests to attend and where you will be given the opportunity to mingle with film makers,  as well as advising you of any previews or premieres taking place at our venue.


Also take note of the series we are undertaking with collaboration partners such as “tip-jour-fix”, “FilmPOLSKAreloaded” or more recently, “InfoKino”. The category preview gives an overview of  the programme for the foreseeable future besides providing information on series being planned and special events.

Here coffee is still brewed with your classical Gaggia percolator and does not  come from a dispensine machine. In addition to this we serve at least six ‘open wines’ by the glass and the maize used to make popcorn is obtained from the organic wholesale trade as is the wide range of sweets and snacks and the soft drinks. Obviously you will also be able to enjoy a Becks beer or Budweiser, not to mention a Coca Cola – straight  out of the bottle as tradition has it.


A visit to the cinema is a very special experience with us and is also suitable as a gift.  Not only do we make available gift vouchers at Christmas time, but on request they can be delivered to your home as an attractive parcel.


The Hackesche Höfe Kino turns 14 in April 2010. While new screening and sound technology is being continually invested in, the renovation and replacement of seating is now also in the pipeline.We are targeting this for the  summer of 2010.

Great films, a great movie house – more than 20 people are employed here, many on a fulltime basis, working at it 364 days a year.


We look forward to your next visit!